Personalised Gifts For Your Best Friend

Friends are the God’s gifts that comfort us, stand by our beliefs, celebrate our happiness and console us whenever we fail. They share our pain & grief. No treasure can replace the importance of friends in our life. In a few words, our friends mean everything for us. You can express your sacred feelings and love for your friend with personalised gifts that are specially meant for friends.

Be it his/her birthday, new job, graduation or new car, there are several occasions on which you can celebrate your priceless friendship by gifting your friends the things they would love to receive. Listed below are a few options from which you can choose the gift that best suits your friend’s hobby or personal trait.

Apart from his parents, who else can understand your friend better than you? According to his interests you can avail the right gift for your buddy. For instance, if your friend is a big foodie, you can gift him gourmet baskets filled with chocolates & wine bottles and personalise that basket with your friend’s name & a small message from your side. If they like cooking, you can also add a cookbook or gift some kitchen appliances.

For a sports enthusiast friend, you can personalise the sports equipment & accessories of that particular sport which your friend loves to play regularly. If your buddy likes to watch any sports match, get him the tickets of that game.

For a bookworm friend who loves to read a lot, hit the nearest book store and bring your angel the book of the particular author which he/she likes the most. You can personalise that book with pictures of your friend and some lovely messages.

If your angel is extremely workaholic, you can gift him something that can remove his stress. You can arrange for a refreshing pleasant holiday or a special spa treatment for him/her.

For a Gizmo Geek, a latest mobile phone or cool iPods are some of the best gifts. If you can afford to spend big money, then you can go a step further and gift him a home theatre system or a laptop engraved with his name.

These were a few personalised gifts that can bring a dazzling smile on your friends face when they will receive these gifts from you. Do not hesitate to spend a few additional bucks while giving out a gift because your best friend truly deserves the best gift.

What Dentists Can Learn From The Cadillac Man

On one recent night, I was sitting in my hotel room in Seattle having just spent the day lecturing. As I flipped through the channels, looking for something to listen to in the background as I continued to work through most of the night, I came upon the, “Cadillac Man” with Robin Williams. I had seen the movie many years ago and really hadn’t given it a second thought since then. As I watched (luckily having caught it in the first few minutes) I was amazed that I never realized how many true business lessons were right before my eyes. Naturally, as I sat, I was watching TV more than I was working, but I found myself thinking about how the operations of a car dealership and the operations of a dental office are amazingly similar.

I never thought, nor even DARED to compare a professional dental office to what most people incorrectly label as “sleazy car salesmen”. Are there some bad apples, sure. But there are bad apple dentists too. For the most part, people in any business whether dentistry, car sales, restaurants or even airlines are professional, courteous individuals who’s one true goal is to help people and give them an enjoyable experience.

Our goal in the dental office is to provide a high standard of care and an awesome experience to our patients while we provide them with the treatment that they desperately need. The same is true in a car dealership. The salesmen (and women) want to provide us with an excellent experience purchasing a car that we truly need. Just as I would not expect a dentist to tell a patient that they need a crown when they actually need a 1 surface filling, I would expect that a professional sales person would not send a person looking for a minivan in the direction of a 2-seater sports car. Are there salespeople who will try it? Of course. But there are also dentists who would try it as well! Remember one bad apple DOES NOT spoil the bunch. Also, take note that I am NOT in any way suggesting that we become “Hard sell” offices and jam dentistry literally down peoples’ throats. There is a way the business of dentistry and the practice of dentistry can work together.

So as I sat and watched this movie I began to think what we could learn from this. I was amazed that the most important thing in the car dealership is the goal. We talk all the time about having goals, writing down your goals, sharing your goals and all of the advice that we give and receive all the time. But what are we, in the dental office doing, to actually track those goals and put them in front of our eyes in simple language every day so that they remain top of mind? In car dealerships they have “The Board”. It is actually something I have been doing with clients for years and never realized where I got the idea from.

So your goals are defined somehow. Maybe it is production, maybe collections and maybe even patients seen in a day, week or month. There is a lot of important information that we generate and HOPEFULLY review each day. End of day reports, production reports, new patient numbers, collections, etc. So how do we REALLY use that information to compare actual numbers versus goal numbers and identify areas of improvements to help us hit those goals consistently? Use “The Board”. In the dentists/office managers office should be “The Board”. A large, dry erase board divided in such a way that goal numbers and actual numbers can be compared in an instant. We use one in my office and I can tell you it takes about 5 minutes a day to update, but the information provided is absolutely priceless. People come in and out all day, looking at numbers, and it generates a good amount of discussion about what we can do to improve, what happened on days when we didn’t reach our goals and what we can to make sure those things don’t happen again. I love my Board. The staff loves it too, as they can easily and very quickly see what days they hit goal and what days they didn’t.

Please remember, if you don’t have goals, GET THEM. If you have goals in your head, get them out and written down. A goal that isn’t written out is simply a dream. Don’t spend time chasing dreams, spend that time and effort attaining your goals. I watched poor Robin Williams run in and out of that manager’s office looking at the board, checking what everyone else had done, using it as motivation for his own behavior. True, he had a certain inner spark and was a magnificent sales person, but that added motivation of seeing others’ performance right in front of his eyes was enough to make sure that he used EVERY tool in his arsenal to close deals and help people get out of their own way to say yes to that new car.

Just as he used every tool at his disposal to close deals, so should we. Are you really using every tool that you have in your arsenal to help patients see how important the treatment truly is? You owe it to your patients to provide them with the care that they NEED AND DESERVE. Whether they realize it or not, you are helping them. How many times have you told a patient that a crown will help extend the life of that tooth, but they refuse to listen? Then, a week, a month or a year later that tooth breaks and now needs to be extracted. Saving $1000 now can cost thousands in the future. Then they get mad at you because you “never told them” that this could happen. Of course you did. You know it, I know it and they know it. But isn’t it easier to blame you rather than themselves? Of course it is. So you truly owe it to your patients to help them understand and receive the treatment that they truly need!

Do you use your intra-oral camera regularly, and by that I mean daily? Are you showing your patients that crack, that chip or that cavity up close and personal? Put it on the TV screen and make it 27 inches wide. That will wake anyone up! Are you presenting cases properly and to the best of your ability? Are you giving lots of options or just the best option? I am NEVER a fan of good, better, best dentistry. Why would anyone want to be good when they could be the best? Present properly and make sure the patient knows that this is absolutely the best option and you are the best dentist to do it. Help that patient make the right decision by using all of the tools you have to educate them properly. Use the camera. Use creative financing options (like Care-Credit). Use preapproval tools so that you can walk in with the treatment plan and say not only can we give you the best dental care, but we also make it easy to pay for with convenient payments.

These are the tools that you have at your disposal. We are lucky. Car dealers are at the mercy of the manufacturers and banks who decide when to run ZERO PERCENT financing specials. We have access to that ALL THE TIME. How lucky are we! Do you know what happens when GM runs a 0% financing for 60 month special? Car sales go up. So what if you presented your patients with that option? I guarantee you that your closing ratio will go up.

Finally, and quite possibly the most important thing that your office can do is FOLLOW UP with your patients. When you present treatment and the patient doesn’t schedule right away, follow up with them. Try preapproval for financing if you haven’t already. Have your assistant or hygienist call them and ask if there were questions regarding the treatment plan. Obviously if they understood how truly important this treatment is they would not be delaying it. We must have done something wrong. We missed something somewhere. Find out what it was, correct it and get them scheduled.

Many dentists feel that they seem too “salesy” if the office calls to follow up and schedule treatment. I will tell you, this is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard and if you aren’t doing it you should start IMMEDIATELY. Yes, you are a dental practice and your primary goal is treatment of patients. So TREAT THEM, but remember you are also a dental business whose primary goal is to stay in business so the practice can continue to help patients! One can never exist without the other and it is so important to remember that. Don’t be afraid to close deals. That deal will help your patients have a healthier mouth, a healthier life and a better smile. This is truly a WIN WIN situation for everyone involved and should be viewed as one every time.

Getting your business and your practice on the same page is easy. Create, monitor, share and achieve your goals. Use all the tools that you have at your disposal to create amazing treatment plan presentations. Probably most importantly, follow up with patients who don’t close “ON THE SPOT”. They need this treatment to stay healthy and happy and you owe it to them to do everything that you can to help them get it!

Porcelain Veneers – The Only Way To Ensure A Million Dollar Smile

The use of a porcelain veneer is one of the greatest advancements in cosmetic dentistry. Porcelain veneers can transform any smile into a radiant and beautiful one. They come in handy for individuals who want to correct cosmetic flaws, whether extensive or minor. These durable teeth casings are customized to hide a number of dental imperfections, thereby creating a beautiful and natural smile. Here are some of the benefits that one may accrue from such veneers.

One of the primary benefits of these veneers is that they are an excellent method of strengthening the teeth. With these shiny teeth casings, you do not need to worry about replacing weakened or cracked teeth. After the tooth has been stabilized, a porcelain veneer is applied to act as a splint. Even though they are naturally thin, they form a strong bond with the teeth once they are applied. With proper care, a porcelain veneer can even protect against tooth decay.

In addition, porcelain veneers also provide a perfect fix to uneven or crooked teeth as compared to wearing braces. After taking an exact impression of your teeth, the dentist sends it to a lab where he and a team of skilled professionals carefully craft a porcelain veneer that is perfectly customized for your teeth. This is rectified by bringing your teeth into line, thereby creating a nice and straight smile line.

Porcelain veneers are strong and durable with some lasting as long as 10-20 years. Most importantly is the fact that patients do not have to make any adjustments to their lifestyle – they can still eat the same food they love. Additionally, these shells are resistant to stains, meaning that you can still enjoy your favorite soda, tea or coffee.

The entire process is relatively shorter in comparison to other cosmetic procedures. It is completed within two to three appointments, sometimes even one if your dentist has the required materials and time on hand. Overall, the process is much quicker than other cosmetic treatments.

Many practices also correct multiple cosmetic flaws. These include, but are not limited to, spaces between the teeth as well as discolored, stained, broken, maligned and overcrowded teeth. If properly accomplished, these veneers can completely alter the color, shape and size of the teeth, thereby bestowing upon you a radiant and charming smile. Whether you need a simple fix or a complete makeover consisting of all visible teeth, veneers can put your fears to rest.

The benefits of utilizing veneers cannot be complete without mentioning the fact that they allow for natural looking results. This is because they are designed to mimic the characteristics of natural teeth. They are made of thin and natural materials which delivers a wholesome and brilliant sheen whenever light is directed onto your teeth. The other selling point of using them is the fact that they are not associated with any risks or side effects. Even though risks and side effects are possible with nearly all cosmetic procedures, teeth veneers have very minor side effects, if any. Patients may experience minimal tooth sensitivity which disappears with time.

Ensuring that you always have a beautiful smile on hand should be a priceless attribute. Create a positive and lasting impression by selecting for the option of veneers. Houston veneers cost may vary due to the number of veneers needed. The rates are between $1000 to $2500 per tooth. Such prices may seem excessive, but as these veneers may last for years to come, it is actually a long-term investment.

If you are looking for a proven way of dramatically transforming your smile, then veneers is the way to go. There are a few famed and reasonable dentists available that have cost effective rates and wealth of experience. Many also allow for the cost of this procedure to be spread over a few months and even years in some cases, allowing their clients to receive excellent workmanship while at the same time not putting themselves into financial woe. Enjoy the benefits that such veneers have to offer while saving on costs at the same time.

How to Achieve a Dazzling Wedding Smile

When you’re planning the finer details of your wedding day – bespoke wedding gowns, hairstyles and make-up, shoes, caterers, venues – you may become slightly overwhelmed! But just for argument’s sake, let’s add one more detail to the mix: when you consider how much you will be smiling and how many photographs of you will be taken, would you consider teeth whitening to make sure your smile is the best it can be?

A simple but effective beauty treatment

When you think ahead and consider the many hundreds of wedding photographs that will be taken on the day – not just by your professional photographer, but by everyone who has a smart phone or a camera – there will be a lot of evidence of your big day! There is no doubt that teeth whitening gives people confidence to be able to smile more, and many brides and groom today are adding it to their list of pre-wedding treatments as standard.

Bespoke wedding gowns are, naturally, often white – so seeing a less than white smile on the smiling bride can often highlight the problem. In some cases, if a bride doesn’t feel confident enough she may not even smile as much as she should on the day – and this will reflect in the quality of the images.

By booking ahead to ensure your dentist is available at the right time, the whitening process can become part of your wedding planning. You will probably have arranged to meet with your dentist to have a check-up or have your hygienist thoroughly clean your teeth before the big day, so why not simply add in the whitening treatment?

You can, of course, purchase whitening kits from your local chemist, but an expert who understands the latest in modern technology can provide you with a longer lasting and safer procedure. These days the process is extremely affordable and when you’re planning your wedding budget, it usually won’t be out of your reach. Your teeth can be whitened in one visit to a professional, but other experts will suggest a number of visits depending on the results you want to achieve.

When you think of all the effort you put in for your hair, makeup and bespoke wedding gowns, it only makes sense to enhance your overall look by giving your smile the “Hollywood” look. A little time, effort and forethought can make all the difference to your confidence as well as those all-important wedding photographs. And isn’t that priceless?

Priceless Smile: Reward Yourself For the Holidays

In the past, people visited dental professionals to fix their dental problems. These ranged from tooth extractions to simple cleaning. As innovations continue to happen, new types of teeth problems also started appearing. These problems though, affect the aesthetic side of your mouth.

Remember that a good smile can benefit you in so many ways. Below are a few reasons you should consider cosmetic dentistry.

Why Cosmetic Dentistry

Some people still argue that teeth appearance is not important as long as it is healthy. Dental professionals, however, say that good oral aesthetics can further prove that you have healthy teeth. A person with healthy but misaligned teeth can have more problems chewing or biting than a person who underwent cosmetic dentistry. Moreover, many people relate improved self-esteem and confidence with beautiful teeth. It is common for people to go to a spa or to buy new gadgets for themselves.

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

Before you book your dental appointment, make sure you know what you want. Here are the common cosmetic dental procedures:
– Bleaching: This popular procedure involves whitening your teeth. You can do either to remove stains or just to make your teeth whiter. Discoloration happens due to medications, coffee, smoking or tea.
– Bonding: This process fills teeth gaps and changes the color of teeth. One visit to the dentist and the bond can last for a number of years. Dentists also use this to fill minor tooth cavities.
– Crowns: People also called this process as capping. Oral specialists use this to restore the teeth’s natural shape and appearance. This process is the most time-consuming but may last the longest.
– Veeners: These are the thin pieces of porcelain or plastic placed in front of your teeth to change their shape and appearance. This procedure can be an alternative for crowns but may cost higher.
– Contouring: Dentists use this procedure to correct crooked teeth. They aim to change the dimensions of your teeth. They also use this to fix some minor bite problems.

Figure Out the Results

You may choose the procedure to use after seeing their respective results. Make sure to talk to the dentists carefully and tell them what you have in mind. The current condition of your teeth and the outcome you are expecting can determine the process to undergo. Think of the aesthetic effect after the treatment from a cosmetic dentist. Prepare yourself for any issues that may arise during the procedure. Lastly, take note of the maintenance required after. You do not want your teeth looking the same a few weeks after the process.

Price and Cost

Make sure to discuss the terms and conditions with the cosmetic dentist before settling down on the chair. Dental professionals should be able to educate you further even after the operation. You can also try talking to your friends and family about some experts they know that can give you discounted prices. Do not forget that there are also websites you can check to get an idea on how much cosmetic dental procedures cost nowadays.

How An Orthodontist Can Improve Your Smile

A smile is the most precious and priceless gift that we all have. Some people are blessed with an exceptionally beautiful smile. However, some people are not that lucky. It is quite usual for such people to amuse over the smile of other people around them. Such people wish to have a beautiful smile like others. Now there is a solution available for such people. Cosmetic dentistry can give them the perfect smile that they desire. Even the most famous personalities like film stars and celebrities have undergone cosmetic surgery or taken the help of orthodontist for getting that sparkling smile. This technique includes using external means for aligning teeth using aligners, braces and other dental appliances or improving the structure of the jaw. It helps to design a perfect smile within a short period of time.

There are different treatments used in this procedure. Treatments range from minor techniques such as teeth whitening to surgeries such as jaw reconstruction and more. The field of an orthodontist has become so advanced now that it is now capable of delivering expected results with perfection. The common treatments include porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, filling, crown, dental bonding etc. Treatments are vast but still you need to be very careful while undergoing these treatments as it may even aggravate the dental problems because of ignorance or reactions.

Consulting an experienced orthodontist may increase the longevity of your teeth and it will also help you to improve your teeth health and avoid many dental problems. It has been proved by studies that dental problems may even act as precursor to heart problems. Visiting orthodontist may reduce dental problems and can correct the problems of bad breath, bite and several gum related problems. If you have crowded teeth, you will have to wear braces or you can opt for the aligners. You have to wear them on your teeth for a certain period of time. During that period, you may have to refit or change them regularly till the perfect position of the teeth is achieved.

A warm smile is the reflection of self-confidence and it radiates positive energy in the atmosphere. Having a good smile is more important for people who have to deal with clients in their business. Those who suffer from dental problems are likely to have low self-esteem as they are always conscious about their smile or teeth or breath. Consulting a good orthodontist can definitely help you in getting rid of these problems. He will understand your problem in detail and will suggest you suitable treatments. These treatments are available for adults as well as children.